NOSC Thrift Store

The NOC Thrift Store is your place to shop for gently used, recycled household goods, small electronics, clothing, sporting goods, toys, books, DVDs, baby supplies, animal care and many other items you might need while living in Naples.  
We provide a wide range of gently used goods for those living on the economy:  
ransformers, surge protectors, adapter plugs and 220v appliances.  
In addition, we have a wide variety of items for your newborn infant, toddler,
child or teenager.

All of our items are very reasonably priced.  
We accept both U.S Dollars ($) and Euros (€) without conversion.  


We have Weekly Specials on certain items, and hold a Saturday $5 Bag Sale every quarter  from 9am - 1pm in which a standard size brown bag can be filled for $5/€5. The details of these sales and events are posted on the NOSC Facebook page 
(also located at the bottom right corning of this page).

The Saturday Bag Sale occurs quarterly,
on the first Saturday of:
January, April,July, and October

Recycling with the NOSC Thrift Store:

April is National Recycling Month, but every month is recycling month at the NOSC Thrift Store. When you donate to the NOSC Thrift Store, you are actually recycling your old clothing and unwanted household items. The truth is, that what you no longer want can be something someone else desperately needs. It really is a win-win for everyone on both sides of the recycling cycle and can go a long way toward making the world a better place.

One of the main reasons to recycle, is to reduce the amount of garbage in our community. Today, recycling efforts in the United States divert 32 percent of waste away from landfills. The Thrift Store saves our Support Site from having to pay to dispose of these unwanted items.

The items are sorted by NOSC volunteers and if an item can be sold, the profits are returned to our community. Through our charitable giving programs we offer assistance throughout our community. Also through our annual scholarship program which provides academic scholarships for graduating seniors and DOD dependents.

The Thrift Store also works with a textile recycling center in the local area by passing on the items that are not resellable. These items are then sorted again, and if they are not damaged, they are provided to charities, churches and missions all around the world. The remaining items are then broken down by material type and shipped all over the world to be recycled into different products.

So don’t shake your head “no” before you “know”. Recycling includes an array of benefits for everyone who recycles. Whether you are donating items or shopping, you are helping. By being a part of the NOSC Thrift Store’s recycling program, together we are all “making a difference in our community”.

-Cheryl Woods
NOSC Fundraising VP 


NOSC operates the Thrift Store, staffed entirely by volunteers. At the NOSC Thrift Store, not only are you getting great items at reasonable prices, you are contributing to our community. Our earnings go back into our community providing scholarships, NSA Naples recognized community organization support and help to DODD school organizations, clubs and sports teams.  
Also, we support community events, USO, MWR and NMCRS.  Other programs include our Gift Basket Program, Free Book Program, SOY Support and Personal Emergency Fund.


*We always need items!  So please think of us when you are cleaning out your closets or getting ready to move.  Click here for a list of items we can accept.*


When you donate items of good quality, they are resold in our community.  
A large portion of textiles we cannot sell are recycled through programs that assist outside charities which helps with our efforts in maintaining a cleaner environment.  
We are limited on space and request that large furniture items, printers, televisions, tires, baby car seats (due to potential recalls), and stereos no longer be donated to us. Please call Housing to schedule a free pickup of bulky items.



Contact Info:
DSN: 629-4200
Comm: 081-811-4200

 Store Location:
NSA Naples Support Site,                
Building 2088

Next to the Veterinary Clinic
and behind the Fire Station


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