Naples Overseas Spouses Club (NOSC)
welcomes ALL in the Naples military community

(you do not need to be a spouse or woman to join!)

Membership is open to the following people, age 18 or older:

  • Officer and Enlisted - Their spouses and dependents.
  • Retired Military Personnel - Their spouses and dependents.
  • Spouses of Deceased Officers and Enlisted Service Members.
  • Reservists - Their spouses and dependents.
  • Spouses of NATO personnel
  • U.S. Government Employed Civilians or Contract Employees - Their spouses and dependents.

How to submit your Membership Form:

1) Attend a NOSC event, fill out a membership form, and pay your membership dues there. We accept cash or a check made payable to "NOSC Italy". 

2) Fill out the online form here and pay your membership dues below via PayPal.  

For more information, please contact: noscmembership@gmail.com.

Membership Level



Waiver of Liability Statement

Included on the membership form and written out below is our Waiver of Liability statement.
We ask that you read it and agree before signing the form. .

The Naples Overseas Spouses Club, also referred to as the acronym "NOSC" does not discriminate
with regard to race, color, marital status, age, creed, national origin, lawful political affiliation,
labor organization membership, physical handicap or sex. 

As this is a private organization, NOSC does not have private insurance coverage for
public liability, property damage claims or other legal actions that may arise. 
Members release NOSC, its advisors, officers, board members and club/organizations
from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of action. 
Members of NOSC assume all personal liability for any and all civil action taken against them. 
In addition, the US Federal Government or any of its instrumentalities cannot be held liable
as result of any of this organization's activities.  All members acknowledge that by accepting the terms of membership,
and having read and understood the NOSC Bylaws, they are aware of this waiver of liability.

(c) 2017 Naples Overseas Spouses Club

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